Top 10 must-visit places in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, nestled in the heart of Central Asia, offers a diverse range of breathtaking landscapes and cultural experiences. If you’re planning a visit, here are the top 10 must-visit places in Kyrgyzstan, promising a journey filled with adventure, natural beauty, and cultural richness.

  1. Kel Suu lake
  2. Ala-Kul lake
  3. Sary Chelek lake
  4. Song-Kul lake 
  5. Jyrgalan Valley
  6. Altyn Arashan Valley
  7. Jeti-Oguz Canyon
  8. Chon Kemin Valley
  9. Fairy Tale Canyon
  10. Karakol city

1.Kel-Suu lake

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Magnicifent views of Mountains amaze you. Alpine lake located in remote place but it is worth. Requires border permits coz of proximity of China. Reachable Only by 4×4 driving.

What to do: Horse riding is very good option to get lake from base camp and go back.

2.Ala-Kul lake

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If you are lover of trekking this is for you. You will see huge snow capped peaks and turqoise lake. Ala-Kul lake is also alpine rock dammed lake. Located in 3500m asl. Reachable only by foot. (touristy)

What to do: The best option for hikers is 3 day hike from Karakol gorge through Ala-Kul lake and to Altyn-Arashan. Level of trekking is moderate. 16km/per day

3.Sary-Chelek Lake

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Sary-Chelek lake is one of the most beatiful lakes. It is biosphere reservior, very rich nature like all Kyrgyzstan in one place. Landscape totally different. Located in south part of Kyrgyzstan. Reachable in any car. On the way to Sary-Chelek you will see so many goods of KG like Toktogul water reservior, Chychkan gorge, Too ashu pass and others. (less touristy)

What to do: You can make horse riding and trekking. I recommend to stay there for 3-4 days for horse riding trip.

4.Song-Kul lake

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Song-Kul lake is most visited place in Kyrgyzstan. Best place for Horse Riders. You will see real nomadic life from there. I really recommend you to go there via 32 parrots pass or Moldo Ashu Pass. If you want safe horse riding do it there. Hundreds of yurts welcomes you. Go there via 32 parrots pass or Moldo Ashu Pass. ntative ere are thousand of yurts. (high touristy)

What to do: Horse Riding and from south part of lake take a hike to panoromic view of lake. Photography of night star with Yurts.

5.Jyrgalan Valley

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All green in Summer – All white in Winter it is Jyrgalan Valley. There is only small village about 20 houses and they live in peace in the deep of kyrgyz green. it is about 1 hour driving from Karakol city.

What to do: Multi day Trekking is very good option. There is a guest house where you can find Russian Bath after whole day trek you can relax.

6.Altyn-Arashan Valley

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Not far away from Karakol there is a Hot-spring in the mountain in Altyn Arashan gorge. Beatiful valley that I have ever seen. Where you will find yourself virgin green gorge.

What to do: Try hot springs it is compolsory. to get Hot springs little bit hard you can walk around 15 km along the river and enjoy with nature or you can take UAZ sovietic Car only this car can reach there. And some utilized jeeps. I really recommend to go 3 day trekking Karakol – Ala-Kol lake – Altyn-Arashan this will combo.

7.Jeti-Oguz Canyon – Boris Yeltsin Peak (Oguz Bashy)

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Jeti-Oguz (in eng. Seven Bull) Canyon is popular for its red intense color. It is near to Karakol city. And there is Kok-Jayik pasture where you can see yurt village. The gorge itself beatiful cause of thick pine tree forests decorate it. Not only this – if you walk 5 km more from yurt village you will see Boris yeltsin Peak locals say it is Head of Bull (Oguz Bashy). View is unforgettable. (Touristy)

What to do: Stay one night in Yurt and have a view of Boris Yeltsin Peak 5000m asl.

8.Chon-Kemin Valley – Ashu Guest House.

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Chon-Kemin is accesible place for one day trips from bishkek and it has very good trails for horse and hiking to the way Ysyk-Kul lake. It means you will pass mountains through little lakes and have panoromic view of Second Largest alpine lake in the world. (less touristy)

What to do: If you go Chon-Kemin stay one night in Ashu Guest house – family run Guest house where you can find nice atmosphere and tasty food. I recommend if you are going to Karakol From Bishkek, go first to Chon-Kemin and have a rest there and continue your way or You can take horses and pass mountains (3-2 day) and you are in Ysyk-Kul lake and from there your driver pick you up to Karakol.

9.Tosor Village – Fairy Tale canyon

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Tosor village located in south shore of Ysyk-kul lake. Near to this Village there is a Fairy tale canyon if you will drive south shore you can visit.

What to do: You can swim in pure lake especially after visiting fairy tale canyon you can find a beach under the canyon.

10.Karakol Animal Market

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As main industry is cattle breeding of Kyrgyz people. All around of Kyrgyzstan in main cities or districts there is animal market for exchanges. And one of the biggest animal market is in Karakol city.

What to do: Plan your trip to Karakol in Sunday. Visit this CROWDED animals.

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