Song-Kol lake

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Large alpine lake Song-Kol (also spelled Sonkol, Song-Köl, and Son-Kul) is located in the Naryn region, wedged between the inner spurs of the Tien Shan (Kyrgyzstan). 

The lake is the ideal location for ecotourism because it is flanked by pristine meadows, a conservation area, and the ridges of Sonköltoo and Moldotoo. It is located at 3016 meters above sea level.

The lake’s shoreline is low, swampy, and in some spots densely covered in reeds. The lake is supplied by a glacier and empties into the Son-Kul and then the Naryn rivers. From late September until late May, the lake frequently has ice on it.

Where to Stay in Song-Kol lake

The closest major city is Chaek Town, however throughout the summer, particularly from July through August, yurt camps are constructed along the Song-Kol. Most of them provide services similar to hostels for affordable and romantic getaways.

Eating and Drinking

At Song-Kol, you can order fresh meat prepared according to traditional recipes as well as dishes adapted at the request of tourists in yurt camps. Many people call Song-Kol Lake “the soul of Kyrgyzstan” because the water is pure and fresh. However, foreign tourists are advised not to drink water from streams or lakes without boiling it first.

What to See and Do

Numerous people enjoy taking one- to ten-day horseback rides through the area, as well as hiking through the Jumgal region and staying the night in yurts as opposed to tents.

You might witness a wide range of creatures while hiking or enjoying a horseback tour, including different fish species, like peled and unusual carp species, and waterfowl, like the demoiselle crane, mountain goose, black stork, and black-headed duck. 

The lake is naturally beautiful, and the color of its surface changes numerous times throughout the day, turning from rich blue to purple-blue or from lush green.

How to Get Around.

The distance between Lake Song-Kol and Bishkek, the country’s capital, is slightly over 280 kilometers. The Bishkek-Naryn highway serves as the primary route from Bishkek. 

Although this roadway is normally in excellent shape, you will ultimately have to detour off of it to pass via the Kalmak-Ashuu Pass, which is manageable for most vehicles in the summer. 

Alternate routes include Kara-Keche Pass, Moldo-Bel Pass, and Naryn Pass.

Song-Kol lake

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