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The South Shore of Lake Issyk-Kul town of Bokonbaevo, sometimes known as Bokonbay, is the center of the Tong district. The village was known as Kok-Kytan before to the Russian invasion. Kolsovka was the name given by the Russians in 1912. In 1944, the community adopted the name Bokonbaevo as a tribute to Joomart Bokonbaev, a poet from Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz villages of Tash-Dobo, Dong-Talaa, and Kara-Suu are mostly found on the slopes and in the mountains. All of the communities eventually developed and united into a single large settlement.

The amazing natural and cultural richness of the region is described by the local proverb “Tondun topuragy altyn,” which translates to “The Ton’s soil made of gold.” Despite a significant influx of Russian immigration, the Kyrgyz tribes in this region maintain their own cultural traditions and way of life much like they did in the 19th century, unlike most communities in the Issyk-Kul region.

The village’s residents make their living through crafts and agriculture. The “Salburun” event is held here once a year. With a bow and hounds, hunters compete with hawks and golden eagles for both small and large game. In particular, horse races are organized.

Eagle hunting in Kyrgyzstan

Where to stay in Bokonbaevo Village

You may find guesthouses and homestays in Bokonbaevo village through well-known reservation services. These are well-known and prominent lodging locations. The kind of accommodation is bed and breakfast, as is customary. 650–2500 soms per person per night is the price range. A few hostels have recently opened. There are yurt stays available on the guesthouse grounds, on the lakeside, and on the nearby mountain slopes. One of the best parts of visiting Kyrgyzstan is staying in a yurt. The hosts will also invite you to pitch up your tent if you bring your own and choose to do so.

Nearby, we have villages like Ton, where you can find lots of yurt camps all year round. One of the famous and


Eating and Drinking

Here, we don’t have that many cafes and restaurants. But on local guest houses or yurt camps, you can order dinner and lunch. It is around 600 som/person. For example, you can order from Ulukbek Guest house


What to See and Do

The majority of adventure activities, including trekking and horseback riding tours to the Terskey Ala-Too mountains, start at Bokonbaevo.

  • Salbuurun

It is a complex hunting games of the Kyrgyz people with catching birds and dogs. Most of the time people use horses. For detailed info visit this page.

  • Eagle hunting

A demonstration of how to maintain and go hunting with a golden eagle will be given. Hunter will demonstrate his eagle abilities on a dummy or rabbit. You can also visit Eagle hunters house and have a lunch or dinner with them to learn more about Golden eagle training.

  • Yurt construction

Yurt Construction is next to Bokonbaevo in the well-known Kyzyl-Tuu Village. The entire town produces yurts, which are the traditional dwellings of nomads. Handmade wooden carcass with inside design crafted from felt and patterned weavings.

  • Shyrdak Show

Shyrdak exhibit and customary handicraft studios showcase the creation of Kyrgyz felt carpets, known as Shyrdak and Ala-Kiyiz, which are recognized as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. You can witness and take part in an ancient nomadic technique of creating something out of wool in less than an hour. As a keepsake from your vacation, you can design your own little carpet and acquire it from us.

  • Beaches of Ysyk-Kul Lake

  • Shatyly – Panoramic View

  • Skazka Canyons

(Fairy Tale): strange structures of red sandstone that resemble giants, dragons, snakes, camels, and other creatures. At sunset, one can witness breathtaking vistas.

The closest gorges are Barskoon and Jety-Oguz, which have waterfalls and alpine meadows.

How to Get Around

You can take buses or you can take a private taxis to get to Bokonbaeva.

  1. Bishkek -> Western Bus Station -> 5-6 hours drive -> 400-500som/person
  2. Karakol -> Nearby stadium there is a bus stop-> 3 hours drive -> 250-300som/person
  3. Kochkor -> City center -> you need to take bus to Balykchy from there to -> 2-3 hours drive -> 200som/person

Or you can contact us to make a transfer from where ever you are.

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