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Mongolia highlights is a catch all term for the far-off and intriguing. This enormous landlocked country is surrounded by bleak deserts, craggy peaks, and limitless steppe. This results in a visual feast of breathtaking scenery mixed with the robust nomadic culture.

This thorough tour provides a wonderful introduction to the nation and demonstrates the astounding diversity that can be found there. Starting in Ulaan Baatar, we go to the majestic Amarbayasgalant monastery, which is a testament to the steadfast Buddhist traditions that Communism was unable to totally eradicate.

From here, we take a stroll around Uran Togoo’s extinct volcano’s crater. Then we proceed north to one of Mongolia’s most stunning regions, the majestic Lake Khovsgol, where we have many options to explore.

We also stop at the monasteries of Ongi and Erdene Zuu before leaving the northern part of the nation. The ruins of Genghis Khan’s former capital, Karakorum, are also visible here.

As we enter Asia’s largest desert, the Gobi, in the south, the landscape dramatically changes. The “flaming cliffs” of Bayanzag and the canyon of Yolyn Am, which serve as a reminder of the immense variety of desert landscapes, are two of its most impressive vistas. We also take the time to search for the uncommon and distinctive animals of the Gobi.

Nobody who visits is unimpressed.

Places You’ll See

Gobi Desert


Day 1: Ulaan Baatar

Arrive in Ulaan Baatar and transfer to the hotel. Depending on when you arrive there may be time to explore the city. Overnight Hotel Nine or similar.

Day 2: Amarbayasgalant
Drive to the monastery of Amarbayasgalant, one of the biggest and most spectacular in Mongolia, from the town of Darkhan. 
Family ger camp over night. 
Day 3: Uran Togoo
Explore the monastery and its surroundings in the morning, then travel to Uran Togoo, an extinct volcano, where we trek around its magnificent crater. 
night spent camping. 
Day 4: Lake Khovsgol

Drive to Lake Khovsgol, the deepest in Mongolia and an area of stunning scenic beauty, surrounded by mountains, pine forests and meadows. Overnight ger camp. (BLD)

Spend the day exploring the area around the western coast, or hike to the 2300-meter Chichee Uul for breathtaking perspective of the Khoridol Saridag Mountains. 
Nighttime ger camping. 


Day 5: Lake Khovsgol
Spend the day exploring the area around the western coast, or hike to the 2300-meter Chichee Uul for breathtaking perspective of the Khoridol Saridag Mountains. 
Nighttime ger camping. 
Day 6: Murun – Delger River

Transfer to the town of Murun with some time to explore this trading outpost, close to the borders with Siberia. From here drive to the Delger River and visit the nearby deer stones, believed to be ancient grave markers for warrior chiefs. Overnight ger camp. (BLD)

Day 7-8: Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur
Take drive to the "white lake," Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. 
This stunning location, which is surrounded by panorama of extinct volcanoes, provides good chances for wandering along the shore and taking in the area's abundant birds. 
Day is dedicated to the drive, while Day is free for exploration. 
We stay beside native nomadic household for two nights. 
Day 9-10: Khorgo Volcano and Suman River Canyon
For comprehensive perspective of the area, drive to and ascend the rim of the Khorgo volcano. 
We explore the lava terraces and gorges of the Chuluut and Suman Rivers as well as the Khorgo volcano, which is member of the Tariat volcanic region. 
Rustic, family-run ger camp for the night. 
Day 11-12: Karakorum – Erdene Zuu – Orkhon River Valley

Head to Karakorum, the former capital of the Mongols in the 13th century. Nearby is the monastery of Erdene Zuu, with its Tibetan style temples and Buddhist relics, and we also visit the excellent museum for an insight into the history of this region. On Day 11 we spend the day with a local family of herders. The Orkhon River Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered to be the cradle of Mongolian civilisation, as well as being rich in nomadic life. Overnight ger camp. (BLD)

Day 13: Ongi
Drive to Ongi from the center of central Mongolia near the Gobi Desert. 
Here, we examine the demolished monastery, which serves as somber reminder of Mongolia's political past and was destroyed during the 1930s purges. 
Nighttime basic ger camping. 
Day 14: Bayanzag

We enter the Gobi Desert and visit the ‘flaming cliffs’ of Bayanzag, so named for their red sandstone. This is one of the richest areas in Mongolia for dinosaur fossils and was made famous by the palaeontologist Roy Chapman. Explore the surrounding area, including the forest of saxaul which survives here as well as the Khavtsgait petroglyphs. Overnight basic, family-operated ger camp. (BLD)

Day 15: Khongoryn Els
Drive to Khongoryn Els, region of enormous sand dunes that spans around 1,000 square kilometers. 
The dunes are also known as "the singing dunes" because of the noise they create when the wind blows through them. 
We have time to tour this magnificent area and, ideally, run across some of the local semi-nomadic camel-herding households. 
Overnight simple but private ger camp run by family. 
Day 16: Gurvansaikhan National Park
Drive to Yolyn Am, the "vulture's gorge," then drive and walk around the region. 
Also, visit Gurvansaikhan, protected region that serves as refuge for the Gobi's animals, including the snow leopard, bear, wolf, and ibex. 
Camping and basic hotels for the night. 
Day 17: Ulaan Baatar
You will spend your last night in Mongolia in <span i

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Jenie B
Jenie B
Terrific Trevelor! 🇰🇬 We contacted Islam from Trevelor just a week before we wanted to visit Kyrgyzstan and all we did was let him know when we’d be arriving and departing, our likes when travelling and he then organised the most incredible tour for us! Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country and Islam certainly took us to many highlights with some special touches along the way like the picnic we had overlooking the most stunning valley! Islam was a very safe driver, he was most knowledgeable about Kyrgyzstan and spoke perfect English. Islam was also very patient and able to adapt plans without fuss when road conditions prevented us from our original plan - the alternative plan was quickly made and just as good. We cannot recommend Islam (and Trevelor) enough and cannot thank him (and Trevelor) enough for our unforgettable Kyrgyzstan trip. Visit Kyrgyzstan with Islam (and Trevelor) you’ll be so glad you did 🇰🇬♥️
Kenneth H
Kenneth H
Unforgettable Snow Horseback Ride to Altyn Arashan Islam was a great help to me when I needed it the most. Having arrived in Karakol after hitchhiking from Bishkek in low season, I found Islam's/Trevelor's phone number on Google Maps and gave them a call. Islam quickly assessed the situation, made a few following phone calls, and arranged an itinerary that satisfied all my needs, all while he was out of town. Islam was a true professional and is a guide I would gladly recommend you speak with.
Мээрим Э
Мээрим Э
Восторг! Самая лучшая поездка, однозначно! Я осталась под большим впечатлением. Мне посчастливилось увидеть и побывать в местах, которые давно планировала посетить. Очень благодарна за такую возможность. Все было на высшем уровне! Обращусь к вам ещё не раз:)
Согдиана М
Согдиана М
Trevelor is the best Travelling around Kyrgyzstan is very adventurous and your guide is main part to have amazing experiences. So Trevelor was the best
Frank A
Frank A
Amazing country, amazing guide The trips was amazing and Islam was a fantastic guide. He showed max flexibility and adapted the plan to suit our needs. He was always cheerful and professional. He went above and beyond. We now consider him a friend. We will be recommending his services to our family and and friends. Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful country to visit.

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