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The Ala-Kul lake trekking is a 4-day adventure that takes you through some of the most stunning landscapes in Kyrgyzstan. Located in the Terskey Alatoo range in the Tian Shan Mountains, this remote and rugged region is home to towering peaks, glaciers, and alpine meadows, as well as a number of crystal-clear lakes, including the iconic Ala-Kul.

The highlight of the trek is, of course, the majestic Ala-Kul lake. This crystal-clear lake is located at an altitude of 3,630 meters (11,909 feet) and is surrounded by towering peaks and glaciers. The water is a stunning shade of blue and is said to have therapeutic properties. You will have the opportunity to spend a full day at the lake, exploring the surrounding area and soaking in the natural beauty.

Overall, the Ala-Kul lake trek is an unforgettable experience that combines outdoor adventure, cultural immersion, and breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a first-time hiker, this trip is sure to be a highlight of your travels in Kyrgyzstan.

Distance: Total 65km (Walking part 39km)

Route: Karakol – Karakol gorge – Ala-kul lake – Keldike valley – Altyn Arashan gorge – Karakol 

Connection: No signal connection

Level of difficulty: Due to the long transition across rocky terrain, abrupt temperature changes, and ascent to a height of 3860 meters above sea level, this route is best suited for those in good physical shape. The simplest program to reach Ala-Kul Lake, meanwhile, is the 4-day walk.

Ala Kul lake trekking

Places You’ll See

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Karakol Peak


Day 1: Karakol – Karakol gorge Karakol Peak view poin, 11 km, +600m, 5-7 hours of trekking

After a quiet breakfast, You will be transferred to the Karakol Gorge, where you will meet your trekking crew (chef, porters), and begin the four-day Alakol trip. till the camping side at the Karakol gorge and we will do radial trek to Karakol peak view point, trekking. Wild food meals and a tent for camping. 



Day 2: Karakol gorge – Ala-Kul lake, 9 km, +850m, 5-7 hours of trekking

To get to Ala-Kul lake, we continue hiking (3533m). It takes around 4 to 5 hours to ascend from the Karakol gorge to the lake. The lake is 700 meters across and 2.3 kilometers wide. It is frozen from October to May, and you can see the Terskey Ala-Too mountain range's chain of peaks in the distance. The lake's cascade is reached after descending from the pass over a rocky trail that follows the lake's coast. Camping and dinner at Ala Kul lake. (3200m).



Day 3: Ala-Kul lake – Altyn-Arashan valley, 11km, -1100m, 3-4 hours of trekking

Altyn Arashan Valley is where we will go next (5 hours). Numerous people are drawn to Altyn Arashan by its incredibly stunning scenery. The hot springs in Altyn Arashan resort are well-known. You will be able to take a soak in the radon-filled pool. Guesthouse with dinner and accommodations.



Day 4: Altyn-Arashan - Karakol, 10km, -450m, 3-4 hours of trekking

Excursion to hot natural springs in the morning. Queen Frog and heart-shaped bathe while strolling to "Lastochkino gnezdo" (swallow's nest). Going to Aksu village by way of the Altyn-Arashan gorge. You will be picked up by a vehicle at about midday and driven to your Karakol lodging. The service is over.



Price Info

  • 1 person - 920 $
  • 2 person - 1330 $ (total)
  • 3 people - 1700 $ (total)
  • 4 people - 1840 $ (total)
  • 5 people - 2320 $ (total)
  • 6 people - 2700 $ (total)


  • English language assistance (middle level)
  • Full board meal 3B, 4L, 3D;
  • cook and porters (number of porters equal to number of guests);
  • Accommodation in a guesthouse or yurt in Altyn-Arashan;
  • Access to hot springs;
  • Transportation;
  • Payment to Karakol National Park;
  • Food delivery to Karakol National Park.
  • Equipment: 1 tent for 2 people (single accommodations are available upon request for an additional fee), mats, and table equipment.



  • Sleeping bags (If you don't have then you can rent from us for 3$ per day)
  • Insurance
  • Tips


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Jenie B
Jenie B
Terrific Trevelor! 🇰🇬 We contacted Islam from Trevelor just a week before we wanted to visit Kyrgyzstan and all we did was let him know when we’d be arriving and departing, our likes when travelling and he then organised the most incredible tour for us! Kyrgyzstan is the most beautiful country and Islam certainly took us to many highlights with some special touches along the way like the picnic we had overlooking the most stunning valley! Islam was a very safe driver, he was most knowledgeable about Kyrgyzstan and spoke perfect English. Islam was also very patient and able to adapt plans without fuss when road conditions prevented us from our original plan - the alternative plan was quickly made and just as good. We cannot recommend Islam (and Trevelor) enough and cannot thank him (and Trevelor) enough for our unforgettable Kyrgyzstan trip. Visit Kyrgyzstan with Islam (and Trevelor) you’ll be so glad you did 🇰🇬♥️
Kenneth H
Kenneth H
Unforgettable Snow Horseback Ride to Altyn Arashan Islam was a great help to me when I needed it the most. Having arrived in Karakol after hitchhiking from Bishkek in low season, I found Islam's/Trevelor's phone number on Google Maps and gave them a call. Islam quickly assessed the situation, made a few following phone calls, and arranged an itinerary that satisfied all my needs, all while he was out of town. Islam was a true professional and is a guide I would gladly recommend you speak with.
Мээрим Э
Мээрим Э
Восторг! Самая лучшая поездка, однозначно! Я осталась под большим впечатлением. Мне посчастливилось увидеть и побывать в местах, которые давно планировала посетить. Очень благодарна за такую возможность. Все было на высшем уровне! Обращусь к вам ещё не раз:)
Согдиана М
Согдиана М
Trevelor is the best Travelling around Kyrgyzstan is very adventurous and your guide is main part to have amazing experiences. So Trevelor was the best
Frank A
Frank A
Amazing country, amazing guide The trips was amazing and Islam was a fantastic guide. He showed max flexibility and adapted the plan to suit our needs. He was always cheerful and professional. He went above and beyond. We now consider him a friend. We will be recommending his services to our family and and friends. Kyrgyzstan is a wonderful country to visit.

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